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 Building Community... Cyberspace to Reality is about building sustainable communities for the future of our children. This site incorporates philosophies and experiences regarding developing holistic communities, spiritual connections and extraterrestrial involvement in planetary administration.

As we move forward in developing a globalized society that can support and sustain human life on planet Earth we are faced with many considerations and needs. Each question or situation that develops has a variety of complex issues within it regarding compatible answers and solutions. The information age has birthed a new environment for which to consult... the Internet. Many who have been developing various applications, databases, practical solutions and  methodologies for achievement are now making those discoveries available to the masses through this electronic medium.

To the left are a variety of links to many of these sources of information, addressing basic needs such as food, clothing, housing and medical treatment to actualizing state-of-the-art community development. Using developing technologies that promote beneficial use of  humanitarian and planetary resources is a need recognized by nearly every man, woman, and even our youth today. Programs, projects, and views of how we can work together collectively to successfully grow into a global society free of undesirable and sometimes catastrophic endeavors, i.e. the continued use of fossil fuels, are continually expanding and attracting capable individuals, companies and organizations that recognize the fact that we cannot continue in our present path.

We invite you to explore these links, which are in no way complete in their scope, and begin to conceive and believe that we can make a positive change in our world. It is imperative that we, as individuals, begin to gather collectively to express what we know must be done. When the people lead, the leaders will follow. Focusing on positive action does not eliminate continued ignorance of human and ecological problems. It does, however, bring attention to what we truly desire.

If you are interested in a deeper exploration of possibilities, then Planetary Citizens might be a great place to visit. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we're evolving toward a brighter future as we understand our similarities far more than our differences.

Are We One?Exploring questions is as important as finding solutions. Are We One? asks critical questions in regard to our practice and understanding of 'oneness,' the implications of which are tantamount for our sustainability.

"The joy of Zen is to be found in doing the dishes and, by the same token, in doing whatever needs to be done. Delight in reality will not exclude participation in art and science or any effort to change, to shape and direct, for effort is a present part of the world as much as trees and mountains, and they are in process too." Van Meter Ames





The Futures Institute Library


Potential Next Door Neighbor...soon?


Practical Mysticism
The reality of the situation now is that we are being contacted and given information and direction to help in this process of our sustainable evolution as a planet and species. A discerning consciousness can recognize the essence of truth in these messages from other worlds, be it extraterrestrial or higher dimensional, as is being proven through new discoveries in quantum physics and scientific explorations of naturally occurring phenomena in life.






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