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University of Phoenix Papers, et al.

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Presentations from Master's Degree programs that address form, fit, and function of systems. Be The Dream offers information and opportunity from Internet Businesses to Social and Environmental Activism to Interstellar, and Multiverse CommUnity building. Be The Dream seeks to demonstrate the potential harmonious action through COMMERCE, EDUCATION, and COMMUNITY. These three pillars of globalization are essential for the development of systems that promote conscientious planetary administration. Conscientious Planetary Administration can be a result by globalizing Commerce, Education, and Community. Be The Dream focuses on building community resources and practices for a new world order. We include information about form, fit and function as well as businesses, corporations, non profits, service groups, communities and extraterrestrial involvement in developing planetary societies.

 Project Overview


Systems: Holistic Education Charter School Team #1
 Project Plan Outlined


Culture and Learning Charter School Team #2

 Project Plan Continued


Process Improvement Charter School Team #3
 Project Plan Expanded


Cross-Functional Teams Charter School Team #4
 Project Plan Review


Performance Improvements Charter School Final Team
 President's Club PowerPoint Personal Ethics Diversity in Unity

President's Club Constitution


E-Business Trends/Forces in Education

Leadership Paper

Community Technology Centers Self Portrait - Teacher Managing and Leading Paper


Leadership Development Plan