"Whatever you believe or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."

Alrightythen... I shall begin it. Over the years people have noticed that I carry a personal power that ignites the same consciousness and experience in others, engaging a new living awareness that increases all the right things in life. This power is not my own, but a connectedness that manifests in the process of sharing. This gift became apparent many years ago, but I was reluctant to share until recently. I had to know that it was in service to all and the evolution of mankind before I could confidently share.

 I have a lot to offer individuals and groups regarding protocols and processes for creating deliberately. All the rave is about 'The Secret' now, but these creative components have been around for a long, long time. There are simple precepts that can be learned in a multi-leveled experience, engaging much more of the natural senses we so often ignore. One might even call it 'common sense.'

What I offer profoundly affects personal and business endeavors, especially holistic business and personal development. It is not something you can read about or learn from a workbook. It happens in the presence of collaborative groups and individual sessions. We all learn how to behave better and get more results through our creations.

There are many stories of magnificently connected experiences from folks with a mission to create unity, save the world, and/or usher in a new world order of environmental, holistic and spiritual responsibility. In that regard this message is no different. Most of these stories come from folks who've had an 'enlightenment' experience as an adult, usually during or immediately after a traumatic event including 'death' by medical standards. The messages they receive and reiterate are all about learning to love one another and live in harmony.

The 'next world' seems to be of complete and unconditional love, contrary to many religious philosophies. Great messages, but HOW are we to do this? At the risk of sounding pompous... I can help. My life has been a preparation of learning these precepts through trials and tribulations in order to share now. I've been in the trenches, so to speak, since childhood with my own spiritual awakening in my late teens.

Am I really ready? I think so... Are you ready to step out of the box?

These messages are nothing new, but we have viable alternatives to engage now through the work of many 'world servers,' those who've developed life-friendly technologies. What of this conscious participation in developing our global civilization as an anthropic (life-friendly) consensus with the brightest people leading the way? How does it happen? Who leads and who follows? If we believe in destiny, then where might we see the signs or connect the dots with those who have 'incarnated' to facilitate this process? How about right here, right now?

Please read on with an open mind. You might find something of value. One of the features I offer is called, 'The Business of Being;' a workshop series for learning how to communicate. Personal and professional communication is the #1 challenge according to nearly every survey from behavioral health to business journals.

Half a century ago I came into this world and was put up for adoption almost immediately. Six weeks later I became a Benefiel (bene-good, fiel-fidelity) and was told of my adoption before my fifth birthday so that I would know the truth. Shortly thereafter I 'heard' the first utterings from another world. "Hey You!" was the announcement that came from so deep within me I did not understand it at the time, yet I knew it was so very, very real. It has been a challenge to integrate this open channel while suffering the travails of human behavior as you can imagine. I have a great sense of humor.

This voice and others have engaged me since, providing interesting discussion to say the least and at times caused me to question my own sanity within this reality. You can question it too. I've been called many things and suffered countless projections to date. So what? I've spoken with countless psychologists and spiritual leaders and they all agree that we have another group of senses that are beyond the five we take for granted. They are very real and to date have less than complete acceptance in the world. As a teenager, a gifted counselor/psychiatrist told me that most people do not go through a 'spiritual awakening' until their mid-40s, if ever.

I lived a normal life as a gifted child (no labels at that time) in those early days, excelling in academics, athletics and engaged by a voracious inquisitive mind seeking to know the nature of truth - how creator and created communicate. The latter met with mixed reviews because not too many people took me seriously as a child, teenager and even young adult. I had a sense that someday I would be a great leader, connected to this Divine Flow of wisdom and able to articulate its methodologies for manifestation.

How do we work together, creator and created, to find fulfillment? As a teenager during my first year of college (started as a 6th quarter sophomore) I had a most vivid experience during a meditation after class one day. It still leads my inner work and outer drive today. Of course it has been an experiential rollercoaster. I'm now able to have a sense of balance and flow that I've learned how to share the process with others through my coaching and consulting practice. I facilitate discussion groups as well.

Let me digress for a moment and set up my college experience just a little. I was attending Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana and lived in the honors dorm, Swinford Hall. I had returned after the first quarter break with a new-found intensity to know truth. I literally got on my knees and prayed, "Father, I want to know what TRUTH is and I am willing to die for it if necessary." It was the most sincere prayer I had made to date. A week later, during meditation, the voice I'd been familiar with since childhood asked if I was willing to die for what I believed in. With only a brief hesitation while I 'checked in' with myself, I agreed I would and answered, "Yes." At that instant I felt myself gently but swiftly leave my body and I looked back to see it laying across my dorm room bed. What would you do?

As I turned to look where I was going, I found myself engulfed by White Light - immediately. There was no tunnel, no greetings from relatives, no past sages or saints, nothing precursive to the White Light. In it I felt like I was 'home' yet there was a sense of needing more, of being more. So as an impetuous teenager I asked, "Is there more?" I felt a slight movement again and found myself in the center of a sphere of pinpoints of light, intuitively knowing they were points of consciousness but I wasn't sure if they were in body or not. I certainly wasn't at the time. The 'Voice' then gave its message, still as vivid today as it was then.

"These are those you are to work with in order to facilitate the new world order. It will happen in your lifetime. Know this to be true. Your life will be full of trials and tribulations. Have faith and trust that everything you need will be there at the appointed time. Trust and allow..." I felt another larger movement and found myself back in my body, taking a huge breath of air like a swimmer after several minutes underwater. I laid there with my eyes closed while I experienced a feeling of reconnecting with my body. What was I to do? How was I to do it? I wanted to share it with everyone. In doing so I got a rude awakening on the state of acceptance.

I soon found myself in a great psychiatric counselor's office. His gift was superb during my third visit as he revealed I was not crazy, but that talking about my experiences would cause others to believe so. Oddly enough, or rather serendipitously, he was open to other tools for accessing information. He asked if I knew anything about tarot cards and offered to do a tarot reading for me. I thought it was cool. His reading echoed everything I had explained about my experience and more. He shared that I was going through a spiritual awakening, but that to do it at my age was contrary to the normal '40-something' process. The cards shared that I have a big mission, full of trials and tribulations. I saw no reason to avoid it and thanked him for being so open and willing to share with me. I left with more questions than answers, though.

I weathered the storms and the trials and tribulations as I grew up and matured into an adult, opening my mouth too often still. As a sensitive I continually felt like I was not enough or needed more education in order to perform this mission to the best of my ability. I honor all those folks who've become overachievers for whatever reason. We are truly driven to perform. Now armed with two masters' degrees in Business as well as life-coaching and hypnotherapy certification to name just a few of the eduholic escapades, I feel closer to being 'ready' to take the next step... reaching out to share what I've learned and to begin to facilitate sharing this information with the world.

It appears it is time for me to take the next leap of faith, to trust the promptings that this is a good time to introduce myself to the market, the work and the world. I've gained the credibility, both educationally and experientially. This website is a portal to many others involved with increasing awareness and the evolution of consciousness. Many seek to incorporate a new living awareness recently unleashed by the power of communication through technology and 'The Secret.' To many of us our ability to create our reality is really no 'Secret,' but it is nonetheless a challenging process to learn. The premises and principles are simple, but to engage them requires commitment, discipline and a guide. Imagine the possibilities with a guide, not a guru or master, just another human sharing the path.

Living with conscientious consideration in creating deliberately is a process. Guidance through it addresses the manner in which we do business with each other, communicate on all levels, develop and implement projects, engage relationships and write business or personal plans to guide us. These are the realms I've studied and am able to share phenomenal insights with methods for changing our lives into something of true beauty and fulfillment. I trust this message will touch your heart and open your mind. I've helped hundreds, maybe even thousands already. Find out yourself.

Invite me to come share with your group. Offer a class with a fee where everyone benefits, your expenses are covered and a profit is made. Airfare and a small stipend is all I need. Your benefit  exponentiates from what I can share and teach you to find balance and serenity in your life while achieving your dreams.... Be The Dream. Here is one of the classes I offer: Transformation on the Path to Fulfillment.

Ask, believe and receive is the essence of transcendence.

Contact: Zen Benefiel - 480-633-7179 or Coach Zen