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This is a portal to programs and resources that involve developing positive programs for youth. We seek to facilitate youth and adult interaction to create opportunities for interaction and future program development using leading child development understanding, empowerment processes, home schooling methods, alternative schools, and curriculum development.


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Transcending Violence to Valiant

Be The Dream is connecting people with purpose to address empowering our youth to restore safe schools and communities. We hope to create collaborative actions by gathering groups of laypersons and professionals, as well many youth, to create and share solutions. What is different about our approach?

A summary of our first event, Mission: Earth Dance, may help with the answer. Our follow up notes are here. We are accessing many resources to facilitate a solution pool full of lifesavers. Electronic resources provide many potential contacts. Becoming involved with people and causes brings many opportunities. Cross-networking person to person applies the synergy of group dynamics, through face-to-face interaction, and ultimately stronger foundations.

Face-to-face, heart-to-heart, eye-to-eye interactions are most effective in facilitating community action toward viable solutions for any situation. During Teacher Certification, our group did some research on youth development. I personally have worked with disenfranchised youth in charter schools, public schools, group homes, and residential treatment centers.

Horrific details have filled the news lately and threaten an already challenged educational system with seemingly insurmountable problems of distracted youth. We sought to explore possibilities. ‘Mission: Earth Dance’ performed the networking function of this process, gathering solution-minded individuals, facilitating new dance partners.

An interactive forum, the audience becomes a key feature in the development of an integrated plan of action. Successful programs and facilitators, i.e. Anytown, USA, StandUp for Kids, O.N.E., Teen Fathers, UNITOWN, Youth Alive, Tribes, D.A.R.E and Vision Quest are but a few of the strengths we will be accessing. Our youth are required to grow up much faster than what is truly healthy for them as they lack the necessary interpersonal skills, social understandings and work ethics that promote a successful lifestyle. Beyond the obvious, their emotional maturation process is impeded and they don’t know how to ask questions to gain understanding, or we aren’t paying attention when they do. Our answer as a potential solution is called Spectrum Academy.

A Commmunity is responsible for its Youth, regardless of the circumstances. Everyone is a brother, a sister, a nephew, a niece, a mother, a father, an uncle, an aunt, a grandfather or grandmother.

New development in 2012.... Global Peace Youth Group purchased the Be The Dream .org domain from us to begin their Be The Dream Campaign honoring the 50th year anniversary of Dr. King's 'I have a dream' speech. Their goal: 50,000 youth (18-39) committing to and performing service work globally. Here's where you will find them...


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